Flight Experience operates in a truly exciting niche. There is no other simulator business offering such a realistic Flight Experience anywhere in the world. In fact, the fidelity of our product is at such a high level that many of our clients are airline pilots.

Our business has experienced significant growth, and the potential for new Licensees to capitalise on the business opportunity is outstanding.

The business started through a handful of people who are passionate about aviation and people -and the business remains that way today. It has grown into an international network which has seen remarkable success. We currently have 15 stores in 10 countries; Australia, Singapore, Kuwait, Paris, Spain, United Kingdom, Thailand, China and the USA. Plans are also advancing for more stores in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the USA.

Flight Experience is unique. We were the first simulator business to offer this type of experience to the general public back in 2004. We have developed systems and business practices to ensure the customer experience meets a very high and is consistent standard around the world. We strive for excellence!

Why Join Flight Experience?

Although our License system cannot guarantee success, the benefits of purchasing a Flight Experience store are attractive when compared to the levels of risk associated with starting a new stand-alone business. Our system has six key risk-reducing advantages:

  1. Most experienced in this niche: Flight Experience was the first to market in this niche and our experience goes back over 15 years, with building and developing simulators
  2. Vertically integrated business: The only product on the market which is built, installed, supported and sustained by the one company. We are unique in this capacity.
  3. Access to established business systems: Our License provides immediate access to an established business system.
  4. Access to developed products and services: There’s no need to spend time and money developing products or services because these have already been established.
  5. Access to training: As training is part of the system, you will have the ability to learn quickly and establish standard operating procedures.
  6. Marketing and advertising templates: Our System has a number of marketing and advertising templates and experience that will improve the effectiveness of your advertising. The cost of developing creative is also shared and therefore reduced

Ingredients of a successful Flight Experience!

At Flight Experience, we seek specific skills, mind-sets and abilities in our Licensees. In our experience these skills have helped our owners operate successful Flight Experience business. However, they are not a guarantee of success for every Licensee. There are many components to a successful business. We strongly recommend you seek independent business, legal and accounting advice to ensure that you can make a success of a Flight Experience business. The six most important ingredients for a successful business:

  1. Location, Location, Location – probably the most important. This is a non-negotiable. You need lots of people and our most successful stores are in high foot-traffic locations
  2. Management – You or your appointed store manager needs to have strong experience in this area
  3. Personality – We seek people with out-going personalities and like working with other people. Careers in sales, marketing, hospitality and communications are the best
  4. Capital – obviously you will need access to sufficient funding for a business like this. We can provide more detail on this later
  5. Commitment – A business such as Flight experience requires commitment, especially when launching and during the first few years. We have found that each location has its own individual personality and it takes time to develop the store to get the best results
  6. Ability and skills – In line with much of the above you will need to draw on marketing, sales management and communication skills or hire staff that possess these skills. Whilst not an overly complex business the best results come from the stores that have a good mixture of these talents

If you feel you have the drive, passion, commitment and of course the funds to open a Flight Experience store, please contact us.