Ultimate – 90 Mins

Imagine being caught in a thunderstorm at 30,000 feet while you start an approach into one of the worlds most difficult aiports. Can you navigate through the dense rain, hail or fog to safely land with 160 passengers onboard? The Ultimate Experience gives you full command responsibility during some of the worst situations pilots can face. In this flight your qualified instructor will talk you through the controls, instrumentation and flight plan in great detail, engage in conversation around everything you have ever wanted to know about piloting these advanced flying machines. Once briefed, your instructor will guide you through the take-off and basic maneuvers required to maintain flight. Over the next 90 mins you'll be put to the test with ever increasing difficulty. Experience up to six circuits (Take-off and landings) around up to 4 airports anywhere on the globe, or if you have ever wondered how real commercial operations work, you can opt for a full commercial style sector flight flying between two airports in real time. Gain first hand experience on how the sophisticated aircraft computers are programmed and how pilots deal with unexpected situations. This experience is highly recommended if you are an aviation enthusiast or if you have basic aviation knowledge.

Duration  90mins

No prior aviation experience necessary. All instructors are fully qualified pilots.